April 2014: When I had to extend agreement in my mobile telecom, I needed a new phone. Because of cheap tariff I already had I had a choice between Nokia X and Alcatel One Touch smartphones with crappy Mediatek SoC. So I chose Nokia X.

It wasn’t bad choice, most of my favourite apps worked well comparing with my old Samsung Galaxy Gio. But instead of Google services I’ve got two very useful apps: HERE Maps and MixRadio. HERE Maps helped me sometimes when my parents needed sometimes to drive my younger brother to doctor in the other city; MixRadio brought me good D’n’B mixes, which I very much liked.

Autumn 2015: An USB port broke in my phone, while battery totally discharged. So I needed to use temporarily old Samsung featurephone to have contact with some of my friends. And Nokia X gone to the drawer.

March 2016: I’ve finally managed to get some money to send my X to service. When I received it back two days ago (in Monday), I launched MixRadio app as first. Yesterday, out of curiosity, I entered to the website and I saw this sad message:

We are sad to tell you that MixRadio is closing soon We would like to thank everyone who has helped make the last 17 years of music so much fun. Thank you for the music.

Because I don’t like mainstream music, probably I won’t switch to Spotify and I’ll just stick with Soundcloud.

Thank you, MixRadio crew, for your great mixes. You’ll be missed,… :c

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